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Increasing onward migration of asylum seekers in the EU

Asielzoekers die de EU op irreguliere wijze inreizen, blijven vaak niet in de lidstaat waar zij aankomen.

November 2019

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Dutch government takes over recommendation on surrogacy from Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs

July 2019

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Legal labour migration channels.

An exploratory study (Summary and conclusions)

June 2019

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Onwards to 2030 Migration: futures study.
Special Issue of the Journaal Vreemdelingenrecht

Only available in Dutch

March 2019

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the International Protection of (Asylum) Migrants

Notification about the allocation of responsibilities and possibilities to co-operate within the Kingdom.

March 2019

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Changing Parenthood and Migration

Summary of the advisory report on the impact of the Government Committee’s proposals on migration law

February 2019

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